Friday, 25 February 2011

Opps forgot one Sock

Totally out of season but he was to cute to not show. Meet my sock snow man....

Odd uses for odd socks

When clearing out my sons draws last week I came across Urm well a lot of of socks....... But what do you do with old socks?

Idea One cat toys:
Simply stuff with toy stuffing (and a bit of dye cat nip if
you have it) sew up and place next to waiting cat...

Idea Two:
Make a Sock Moster to store future odd socks in
untill they find there mate again.

Monday, 7 February 2011

A Sunday night project

In the beginning there was a much loved and over worn pair of baggy jeans...............
Then came the scissors and an idea........
And the result is a one off new denim skirt with out the price tag. X

Thursday, 3 February 2011

The finished hid

£2 and time equals... hours of fun and love for your Piggy's

Buttons and Gingers new hid >>

Gorge and Fudge have one too.

Simple guinea pig fun

How to make a fun simple guinea pig hide and rummaging tray.

You will need 2 matching sized Cat litter trays
( I brought my trays from pound land)

Plus the following tools.

* a glue gun and spare glue sticks
* a craft night
* a craft saw
* a pen that will mark the litter trays
* a ruler

Start by marking one tray with the entrance of hide using the ruler and pen. For my hid I have made the entrance in the middle of the long side, 1.5cm from the base of the tray and 8cm wide.
Now mark the second tray with a much wider entrance for the top layer. Mine is around 2.5cm from the base of the and 2cm from each edge of the tray.
Using the craft saw I then cut along the lines.
Very carefully then use the craft knife clean up the edges so there are no sharp edges (you may find it easier to use some sand paper for this)
After you are happy that all sharp edges are gone. Use the glue gun to glue the two tray base to base to form the hid on the bottom and rummaging tray at the top ready to be filled with hay and veg (or fill it with a nice soft blanket).

And that's it all ready.... for your fluffy pigs to enjoy and play.

Friday, 1 October 2010

New arrival at home!

I was thinking last night it is high time I write a blog again so what better then to introduction to our latest arrival, Buttons my new guinea pig.
Buttons is a very long haired 1-2 year old male guinea pig who we picked up from Hula Animal Rescue a few week ago. (

After seeing him on Hula's website and then meeting him, how could I not ask to take Buttons home to be loved and possibly some what spoilt. So the an application was filled in and home visit later sorted and now Buttons has a home again.

There is some thing so very cute about walking into the front room and being greeting by the squeaks of 2 happy little guinea pigs catting to each other that makes me smile.

I would just like to say Thank you Very much to all the great people at the Hula rescue centre for looking after Buttons and doing such a great job. Buttons doing great and loving his new mansion, hidey holes and running around the front room all evening.